3-2-1: Worthy Considerations, Wise Sayings, and a Thought

10 Apr 3-2-1: Worthy Considerations, Wise Sayings, and a Thought

Dear readers, I’ve copied this ‘3-2-1’ post idea from James Clear. (You can check him out at jamesclear.com)

3 Worthy Considerations:

2 Wise Sayings: (My father always warned me about giving advice. So I am calling this ‘Wise Sayings’)

~’Beware don’t Compare’:  Aren’t we the fortunate ones to have connection through cyberspace? For many of us it is the fragile thread linking us to our friends and family. Are you using it to help? Good. That’ what it is intended to do–connect and improve our state of mind. It is all to easy to assume that everyone else is dealing with fear and uncertainty much better than ourselves. Beware don’t Compare

~’Be part of the solution, not the problem’. No one needs to be reminded what each of us can do today to be part of the solution.

1 Final Thought:

~’May we face each day with grit and tenacity knowing that we have the ability to tolerate fear and uncertainty’ 

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you are staying safe and healthy,

Until next time, Take care ~Linda



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