30-Day Push-Up Challenge

27 Jun 30-Day Push-Up Challenge


My summer routines often become non-routines. When I spied a post for a 30-Day Push-Up Challenge, I knew it was just the thing–effective, efficient, challenging but doable.

Marissa Gainsburg, an editor at Women’s Health asked personal-training connoisseur Tony Gentilcore, a certified strength and conditioning specialist in Boston, to write her a 30-day push-up challenge.

Gentilcore says: Modified (or “girlie”) pushups—which so many of us drop into to up our rep count—were out of the question; they don’t build strength in the full range of up-down motion, so they’re no help. But no need for tons of reps, anyway. Our protocol called for just 10 pushups each day. “Ten is the minimal effective and sustainable dose,” Gentilcore said—meaning, it’s just enough to induce noticeable changes in upper-body strength and appearance without overloading you to the point of quitting. Even then, “take as long as you need—or split them up over the day—to make sure you’re completing high-quality reps,” he told me.



At the finish Tony said,’She didn’t beat up Wonder Woman in a fist fight,   but close.

Note: Tony says he’d likely double the number for men. It all depends on the person’s starting point though. The push-up challenge in Women’s Health is for women who 1) can’t do a push-up (and still can do the challenge, albeit from an elevated starting point) or 2) can do 5 or so push-ups, and are looking to increase that number. For men, like with women, the total number to hit for the day will depend on what they can do now.


Up for the challenge? Hope so. Reap the benefits of getting stronger physically and mentally. Win this and once accomplished ‘forces are set in motion that favour other achievements that are within reach.’ ( ‘The Power of Habit’, Charles Duhigg)

Have fun, Cheerios,



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