A Tempo Run Tale: All’s Well that Ends Well…

24 Apr A Tempo Run Tale: All’s Well that Ends Well…

It was one of those days…Note: If you always wake up, jump out of bed, eager to get out the door and run…this isn’t for you. This tale is about a less than energetic, ‘dragging-my-heels’ kind of start to a day. Never having experienced that, you might just not get it. But trust me, if it ever comes your way, you’ll know exactly what I’m writing about.

The week had been crammed with a few too many activities and way too many late nights. And now it was time for my Friday morning Tempo run. On a tempo scale my body & mind were not sensing  ‘Allegro’, (brisk, lively, & cheerful, hah!). Felt more like ‘Largo’ (very slow, a dignified walking speed) thinking more like ‘Larghissimo’ (in as slow a manner as possible, dragging out every note.) And yet, it happened…I did it. I did the Tempo run workout exactly as given to me in my training plan by Coach Rick. So what was that ‘secret sauce’? Read on…

Was it the caffeine in my coffee? No.

Was it the bebop beat of my tunes? Maybe being chastised at the outset by the Eagles telling me to ‘Get Over It’? Nope.

A few bites of my tasty, rev-the-engines Oatmeal Protein squares? Not those either.

Routine? That always helps but it took more than that.

Starting with a Lunge Matrix and Dynamic Drills, worked to at least get the body moving. But that wasn’t what did it today. Running in the park is guaranteed to improve the mood. I was happy to be there–with outstanding runners like Leslie Sexton zipping along, walkers with their dogs, friends strolling together & chatting, birds, squirrels, and even those Canada Geese flying low over the Thames.Those were all part of the enjoyment factor, but there was one single ingredient that made the day…

Check the shadows in the image. Know what that means? Yes!!! You’ve got it. Sunshine. Glorious, brilliant, long-awaited sunshine.  It was the sparkling sunshine that ignited ‘sparkle’ within. With that let’s just say, ‘All’s well that ends well’.

Happy running…and Special Thanks to ‘Coach Rick’ Mannen

Cheerios ~Linda



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