Linda Jones M.Mus., B.Ed., VDOT 02 Certified Distance Running Coach, CALA Certified Aquafit Instructor, Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

London ON Master Mentor/Coach for Strong & Fit, Healthy Eating, Running, Aquafitness

Mentor/Coach–it’s what I do best. I love helping others be successful. 35 years of teaching and coaching have honed my creative-problem solving skills. I began Master the Moments in 2015 to share my skills and passions for fitness, running, healthy lifestyle, tasty food, fun.

kids-1099709_1280-300x225‘Go Outside and Play’

Lucky me! The fun of an active healthy lifestyle continues to this day. If there was an organized school sports team, I was on it. Piano practicing or homework to be done? I got to it, zip…zip. Definitely had to know ‘what mattered’. I was unwilling to give up on any of it. My adult tenacity was born in this childhood stubbornness. I love the challenge of figuring out stuff, aka how to make it all happen, make it work, make the impossible possible.

‘Fit for Life’

Recreational running, competitive squash, gym workouts, and sailboat racing were good fits for my demanding teaching and coaching ‘hats’. (I continue to teach High School music online with VHS). Those ‘hats’ included hurdles, basketball, volleyball, track, band, and sometimes just heading outside in the rain to provide feet-on-the-ground inspiration to a cross-country team. (Enthusiasm and positive energy are wonderful motivators.)

img_2355-1-225x300‘Running, Racing, Training for Fun’

In 2008 I decided to become a competitive runner; found excellent coaches and mentors; became a student of the science and art of running. I now rank at a National-Age-Graded Level in distances from the mile to the marathon. This success came from small efforts repeated day in and day out. Strength training, HIIT, attention to flexibility needs, mental training, and nutritious eating have been key. I know what it feels like to train hard, succeed, and fail. Learn the lesson; be positive; move forward; remember to have fun in the process.


Everyone Can Benefit from My Mentoring’

My ‘out-of-the-box’ creative thinking provides new eyes to see things clearer. It gives you a zany, refreshing rose-coloured-glasses perspective. Bundle that with my zest for life, and there you have it–Linda, the Master Mentor/Coach Extraordinaire

~Yes, I am passionate about feeling fit, strong, looking good

~Nothing better than feeling my best based on a healthy lifestyle that includes tasty delicious nutritious food

~Love running for fun, for performance (racing), for health (longevity)

~What could beat exercise in water without the ‘weight of the world’ holding me down? Amazing.

Fun gets done. Contact me and learn more about my Mentoring/Coaching Programs 

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