Around the Square: Festive, Fun, Family Affair

15 May Around the Square: Festive, Fun, Family Affair

Goderich Town Square

The event always starts off with a bang–the ‘loud sound’ of Jason Moon’s Starter’s pistol–his traditional Huron County shot gun. Not a chance you’ll miss your Start! …and to top it off…it was Mother’s Day. Moms brought kids and kids brought moms. Moms cheered and moms were cheered. Lots of moms to go around if you didn’t have one of your own. Proud moms and families were everywhere all around the Square. What more fun-family-‘let’s-be-active’ way to celebrate the day than with with a family and friends 5k/10k running event in Canada’s ‘prettiest little town’?

Sunday was the 9th annual Run Around the Square. The race is a fundraiser for The Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund. The Memorial Fund is dedicated to donating life-saving defibrillators in the name of fallen Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS and Military members who have died in the line of service. All proceeds from the race go towards the purchase and donation of life-saving defibrillators. Lots of pride and excitement as the 90th donation was presented at Sunday’s run…and let me tell you why it is so much more than ‘just a run’.

Race Day Check In: For anyone who drives a distance, the convenience of picking up race kits the morning of the race is a bonus. Need I explain?

That was fun!

8:30 a.m. Kid’s Race: Kids of all ages and sizes show up at the Start chute. They each receive an official bib to pin on their shirt. The loud ka-boom of the Start gun sends them running 700m Around the Square. Lickety split they’re back each collecting their medal for a race well run. But that’s not all…they can head on to the grass of the Square where activities have been setup for them to enjoy while the adults run their races. Wouldn’t you maybe like to be a kid again? (You would have on Sunday.)

9:00 a.m. Race Start: For the second time in the morning (and sunshine) the loud ka-boom of the Starter’s Gun sent the runners on their way. 5Kers were quickly finished and cheered on the 10Kers who were doing a second loop. The breakfast buffet was already set up across the street in front of Pat and Kevin’s on the Square. Meet ‘n greet, chat ‘n eat–the sunshine, blue skies, and warm temps of the day couldn’t have been better. The crowd gradually moved to fill the picnic tables of the square. Smiles could be seen; laughter was heard, all as the carefree socializing continued on.

10:00 a.m. Awards: Heaps of prizes–overall, age categories, draw prizes and a grand door prize–a super-duper-high-end-quality bicycle. Praise, honour, and glory went to all those folks who industriously raised funds for the cause. Sincere condolences, pride, and a sense of community connection came over the crowd as the 90th defibrillator was presented. And a heartwarming moment when the mother of David Mounsey was honoured for her participation in the 5k that morning.

My husband and I both ran 5k, not together, separately as is our custom. It had been awhile since my last race having been off with a nagging hamstring/piriformis issue. I was pleased to run a good time (26:46) ‘a seasonal best’ (as Coach Rick Mannen says) and to place 1st in Age.  Getting speed back after being off isn’t easy and I sensed that my desire to zip zip zoomier wasn’t going to happen. The positive is that I was back running, enjoying the process. What more could one want? (every runner will say ‘maybe a bit more speed’) Note: I did do a postrace debriefing with myself that focused on what I did right. Research by Alex Hutchinson ‘Endure’ indicates that this positive-feedback has effects in the ‘next game’. I’ll let you know how that goes.)

Linda’s 1st Place  Medal

To Race Director, Jason Moon, thanks for all you do. Here’s a poem I’ve dedicated to you:

Delays there are none,
The moments are fun, 
The start is impressive 
With the sound of your ‘gun’
And after we run we can chat, we can eat,
Around the Square…well…it just can’t be beat!!!!!
Prizes for all, praise honour and glory
It leaves us with memories for future day stories.
Looking for a festive, fun, family affair? You can’t beat the Run Around the Square  Rumour has it a half-marathon will be added next year. 2019 is the 10th Anniversary of the Run Around the Square. See you there,
Thanks for reading, What’s one of your favourite running events? Let us know,
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