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14 Mar Back to Running Outside

Over the years I have found great joy running outside through all seasons of the year. You can often hear me saying there is no such thing as bad weather only the wrong clothing. I still subscribe to that theory with one exception—ice. This winter we have had a lot of temperature ups and downs resulting in icy surfaces. That’s when I decided to change my regular routine of 5 runs per week (speed, hills, long and easy/recovery types) to an indoor plan.

Weekly plan: Run indoor track 2x; spin 4x; pool run 1x; and HIIT strength train 3x. With all of these workouts I have focused on HIIT-type workouts, that is variable effort. This is in keeping with the routines recommended by Dr. Martin Gibala.

In spite of lots of laps needed to reach a 10K goal on the track I was never bored. Never. If I didn’t have the young figure skaters or toddlers to watch making their way (mostly upright) around pylons and through colourful gates, then the hockey players were on the ice. How could I not be inspired by the young hockey player I would often see alone on the ice taking shots on the net for 1/2 hour? My music was a good standby. Other runners and walkers were always friendly in passing.

Most inspiring were the volunteer firefighters doing their training—rescuing 180 lb.mannequins, hauling heavy fire hoses up and down the stairs, or hammering the tire before hauling the tire 100ft. Plus they did it all wearing their gear. Amazing.

Pool running? Yes that became a tad boring. Solved that by changing up the workout and enjoying the fact that my body liked the non-impact cardio benefits.

Well today it was back to running outside. The white ice was still on the lake but the black ice was gone from the roads. Dry and bare surfaces underfoot provided a long-sought welcome change. The cold air–refreshing. At 0°mark  most runners agree it’s time for shorts. We were close to those temps today but I still overdressed. Hadn’t felt too warm outside for months and loved that. Unzipped my jacket and got rid of some of the excess heat. My tunes were empowering. The sound of the birds uplifting and finally getting outside to run again was the best. Happy running.

Thanks for reading, Please share your stories of recent exercise adventures,

Cheerios, ~Linda

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