Contemplate Colour

24 Apr Contemplate Colour

In spite of recent snow (not what we hope for in April of any year), overlooking the blustery chilling NW winds, and moving past the unpredictable weather of late, spring continues to bloom. We saw it first with the small yellow blossoms of winter aconite rising through the snow. Then snowdrops added white, crocus brushed in hues of violet and orange. Everyday, as greenery sprouted up from  under the leftover debris of fall leaves, we finally greeted bursts of sunny yellow daffodils.

Have you had an opportunity to notice, to take a moment, and marvel at Mother Earth renewing the earth, bringing colour, and hope to our days?

It is early morning, still dark, yet I can already hear the robins chirping outside. A few days ago we spotted golden-crowned kinglets actively foraging in the foliage of lower cedars. 

Then 2 or 3 days of nothing—eerily quiet. Yesterday, for the first time, we spotted ruby-crowned kinglets in wind-protected, sunlight bushes. Not zipping at their usual pace. Perhaps the cold air, perhaps the lack of bugs. Nevertheless the return of longer days (as our biologist friends remind us—birds migrate according to light not temperature) means the migrating birds are beginning to arrive.

Not everyone is able to get outside, to view the advent of Spring. A dear friend and colleague (I’ll call her MK) is still in hospital, recovering and rehabbing from recent surgery. With no visitors allowed, the days are long and the nights, well they are longer. Knowing her artistic skills I asked MK if she would create a few drawings, black and white, that I could post here on my Blog. (She normally would produce colourful images of her own). She did and here they are.

For a few moments you may want to contemplate the intricacy of lines. Observe the intersections of curves and angles. Emerge with an appreciation for the way those complex connecting lines bring forth an image of beauty, and wonder.

These images have been left black and white for a purpose. They are for you. For you to colour, to finish what MK started. It’s easy. Print the image. Colour and enjoy. (Or use your tech savvy skills to paint online.) Take a picture of your finished art and send to to me at With your permission I would love to post your handiwork here on the Blog. You would add colour to MK’s day, to my day, and perhaps to others we know not.

Thank you for reading and thank you for contemplating adding your colours to spring,


Life as we know it has changed yet Mother Nature reassures us that colour and beauty remain.

Printing Help: Save the image to your device. Open  image. Activate print command. Size image as desired. Print. Colour. Questions? Here to help and happy to do so…contact me at

  • Charlene Kopansky
    Posted at 13:05h, 24 April Reply

    absolutely stunning. Please share this on the CALA Inc private facebook page. Thank you.

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