Fail to Succeed. Act to Motivate

10 Jul Fail to Succeed. Act to Motivate

Fail to SucceedCounterintuitive? Sounds that way.

We’ve have heard it many times: failure is the way forward. But who among us can honestly say they like the way failure feels? Distressing, upsetting, disappointing, annoying, frustrating, maybe even close-to-rage-inducing ‘I quit’.

The world around us doesn’t help. Our newsfeeds and social media buzz at full volume advertising one incredible success after another. ‘He did this, without much effort. She did that. From down and out right to the top!’ Unfortunately the innumerable failures that came before these successes are glossed over, ignored, shoved aside not warranting a mention. It’s almost as if the success all happened magically. So why aren’t we all just pulling our own rabbit out of a hat? What are we waiting for? Because that is not how it works.

Failures are the keys to success. Failures are the way forward. When we take the time to figure out what went wrong, when we learn from those mistakes, that’s when we inch a little further down the path to possible success.

Act to Motivate 

Most of us think we need to feel motivated in order to act. Nix that. Think in reverse. Action can be the cause of motivation. Don’t just sit there. Do something.

Many times we hear the story of someone being spurred to action as the result of a traumatic event in their life. As wonderful as that sounds, why would you wait for trauma to enter your life before you ‘act’. Think it will be easier to act then?

Act now. Experience the emotional responses. It’s quite likely the inspiration you have been waiting for, will arise from ‘doing of something’.

Thanks for reading. Cheerios, Linda

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