Fun Gets Done!

30 Oct Fun Gets Done!

Sometimes we hear a phrase and it immediately grabs us. It may annoy us, anger us, or in this case, light up the air with resounding ‘yes, yes, yes’. Yes, I agree. Fun gets done! (If you don’t agree then save yourself the time and stop reading.) Right after reading this phrase I lost count recalling the numerous ways I have completed tasks, accomplished goals, or instilled a new habit simply by finding ways to make it fun. Quite sure you have done the same.

At first James Clear’s book: ‘Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones’ might sound like a dusty, recycled version of a self-help book from the dark ages. Haven’t we heard all of this before? Nevertheless Clear boils the habit-building process down to 4 laws of behaviour change that are simple. 

  1.  Make It Obvious: This is where we avoid ‘vague’. Make a plan (I will [BEHAVIOUR] at [TIME] in [LOCATION] or Stack your Habit (After [CURRENT HABIT], I will [NEW HABIT]. Example: ‘After I wake up, I will do 20 push-ups.’
  2. Make it Attractive: FUN GETS DONE! Combine the not-so-fun stuff with fun stuff. (I’ll leave that to your creativity.)
  3. Make it Easy: Have those gym clothes ready to put on; start small (floss one tooth), etc.
  4. Make it Satisfying: As Clear says ‘you’re the puppy in this one. If the puppy does a trick, it gets a treat.’ The opposite is true too. We tend to avoid things that are immediately punished.

Maybe you are highly motivated and simply knuckle down using self-discipline to tackle whatever new habit you want to establish. Lucky you. Most of us are endowed with high levels of procrastination and laziness when it comes to dealing with our habits. That is why I am recommending this book. That is also why I am truly inspired to spend time and energy making sure there is ‘fun in the fine print’.

Enjoy a read of the James Clear’s book Atomic Habits. You won’t be disappointed especially if you make the read ‘fun’.

Credit for an ‘enjoyable’ yes ‘fun-read-synopsis’ of Clear’s book go to: Eric Barker’s Blog Post ‘How to Easily Build Good Habits: 4 Secrets from Research

Cheerios and thanks for reading


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