Fun on the Run

04 Dec Fun on the Run

Up early and dressed. Plan A: Head to nearby hockey arena for a run on the indoor track. A look outside quickly prompted a change to Plan B: Change into warmer gear and head right outside the door. I donned my new wireless Jaybirds and my newly organized playlist. Away I went!

Wireless Jaybirds

The new playlist worked its charm. There’s nothing better to get me picking up my feet than a good tune. And, the wireless earbuds output have good quality sound, and…stay securely, and comfortably in place.

The Pier Turn-Around

My feet bopped along with beats per minute. Wasn’t long and I was on the pier. My mind doesn’t always make the best decisions (after a few kilometres) but even I knew that the pier signalled ‘turn-around time’. Must admit I do enjoy the view of Lake Huron. Good reminder of how fortunate we are to have our Great Lakes.

The route back from the pier was eastward & uphill. Cold east wind was strong, testing my resolve to motor up the grade.

Chairs! Two chairs–one for sitting and one for feet. In my head I started to hear the voice of my ultra running friend: ‘Beware the Chair(s)’. I definitely wasn’t in the middle of an ultra-100k run yet the chairs called out to me…Rest Linda Rest…

Beware the Chairs

One chair for sitting and one for my feet? Tempting…

The Hills: I have a rule about my highway hill climb. It is a gradual climb about 200m. What’s the rule? When I spot an ’empty’–beer can, etc. I must pick it up and run back down the hill to squirrel it away in the secret hide-away. 3 empties later (that many times up and down was starting to feel like a ‘hill suicide drill’). I considered closing my eyes on the last go-up. Glad I didn’t. Would have missed seeing a good friend driving by. She waved and cheered me on. Besides picking up the empties means lifting my legs  up and over a hurdle-height road barrier. I’m thinking those little stretches might be well-timed.

‘Running on Empties’: Stepping up ‘n over the barrier to pick up another empty? beer can, that was easy. Standing back up, not so easy. I was snared in the middle of brambles and thorny branches. My toque, my jacket, and it felt like my whole self was being held hostage to these prickly little things. No probs or so I thought. Reached up to untangle my hat, forgetting the ’empty’ in my hand, and yuck!!! Not totally empty. By the time I clued in, I was wearing dregs of leftover Molson Canadian.

The End (not Dead)

Eventually my Dead End sign appeared, signalling no more fun. How so? Because the run for today was done. The sight of the the Lake Huron shoreline signalled my finish. Headed inside to ‘freshen up’ and refuel.

Today it was Shalane Flanagan’s “Can’t Beet Me Smoothie’, plus an Egg & Veggie Sequel, lots of water, and hot coffee. That was fun too!

Like it when things work out that way.

Can’t Beet Me Smoothie

Veggie and Egg Sequel









Perhaps some of you are thinking this doesn’t sound like ‘serious’ running, or training. Well, it’s not. It is running for fun and fitness. Remember ‘Fun Gets Done’.

Thanks for reading, Cheerios


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