Fun Saturday 14k Run

16 Mar Fun Saturday 14k Run

Fun Saturday run? Without a doubt. Fun from beginning to end.

It started with a leisurely beginning and continued that way throughout the 14k distance. No morning alarm set for getting up early. Slept in and didn’t roll out the door until 9 a.m. Decadent for sure. Where did I go? As you can see from the map I basically meandered around the town.

A day of contrasts. Ran slowly, at a moderate pace, and occasionally turned the feet over quite quickly; headed into the strong WNW 26 kph winds and floated easily downwind; felt cool under grey skies and heated up in the sunny rays (I won’t mention the snowflakes that appeared at one point in time.)

Saturday 14k Route

What made it fun? Lots of stuff, my music for one. ‘Get Over it’, ‘Born to Run’, ‘Suds in the Bucket’, even ‘Macarena’ kept my feet turning over effortlessly. I played my Stop Sign Game. Run to the furthest Stop Sign in view and turn Left. Running on the yellow brick path of the square, I felt most Dorothy-like (Wizard of Oz Dorothy). The wind from behind sweeping me off my feet completed the scene perfectly. Near the end of the run I headed on to the soft ground of the grassy area behind the arena. Did a few laps of the bleachers and soccer posts before heading home.

DIY Garmin Epoxy Strap Fix

I tracked my distance today with my Garmin 405, although this morning I was carrying it in my pocket. The Garmin works well but the strap had broken off. While I’m recovering this afternoon my Garmin is getting a DIY little ‘epoxy-fix’. The epoxy my husband uses for boat repairs comes in handy for things like this. Looks like I’ll be sporting my Garmin again soon.


Checking out the lake post-run

The view of the lake was stunning. Went back after my run to capture a picture of the blue open water weaving through the icescapes.

Happy Running. Thanks for reading,




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