Linda’s Jerry’s Peachbud 5K Race Report

26 Jun Linda’s Jerry’s Peachbud 5K Race Report

Jerry’s Peachbud 10/5/1K race night was in Grimsby ON Tuesday June 25/2019. Having raced the Hog Jog 10K less than a week ago I still felt in race mode. Knew what to pack, what to wear, what to do. Just had to do it!

Why bother with a 2-hour drive to a race? Midweek races leave my summer weekends for other activities; race kit pickup just before the race is most convenient; the Peach King Centre Venue affords adequate parking and a feature every runner enjoys–indoor washrooms in lieu of the customary porta potties.

Official Peachbud Gate

The Race: 5K races are over before you know it. Dialling into the pace from the get-go is easy. Holding that pace for the duration? Therein lies the challenge. As 400+ runners lined up for the Start, I took the opportunity to soak up invigorating vitality and energy emanating from the young runners all around me. What the heck I wasn’t going to run ‘against’ them, I planned to run ‘with’ them. START!

Beginning: Got off to a great start, once again focusing on a quick turnover (fast feet) and rhythmic breathing. Peaked at my Garmin and no surprise, faster than I knew would last. Decided to carry on knowing that the push out of the Start would taper off on its own accord. 1K and I heard someone say ‘That’s 5′ (meaning 5 minutes for the kilometre). Liked that. Got to 2K and with the same runner beside me I heard ’10’. Liked that too.

At the Finish

Middle: The downhill heading around the curve onto Main Street was exhilarating. Used that hill to my advantage. Whoops, hills again, only this time, UP! Felt better than the previous week, yet I knew things were slowing down. Due to the heat, the race committee had increased the number of Aid Stations along the course. Good news: I could grab water to drink and to pour over my head. Not so good news: I have yet to learn to do this without wasting precious time. (I normally don’t even consider the water stations in a 5k race.) Aid Station at 3.5k was the best: overhead sprinklers and sponges to grab ‘n go.

End: Approaching 4K my head was revisiting what I had told my Aquafit Class during their intervals that morning. ‘Later when you think back on this workout, do you want to recall how you dug deep when it got tough, made it happen or do you want to remember that you gave up?’ Yes, at the 4K mark that’s the question popped up from nowhere. Great Result: The last kilometre of the race was my fastest. After running 4K how could I possibly have suddenly picked up the pace? (No I wasn’t saving up.) Of course the body has to have the physical capacity to make this happen yet it was blatantly obvious that my brain ‘gave the order’, led the charge so to speak. Fascinating for sure.

End Note: I am fortunate to have a Garmin and an Apple Watch. For races, it’s only the Garmin. Late last night at home, my Apple Watch ‘Activity App’ notified me: Linda, Do your best to close your Move Ring today. A brisk 30-minute walk would do it. A little smile, I tapped ‘Dismiss’ and went to bed.

What’s Next: Two races in two weeks and it’s ‘back to the drawing board’. Time to focus on training and getting stronger–speed work, long runs, recovery runs, weight lifting, pool workouts, yoga, and all those enjoyable things that will help me achieve and maintain the ‘best me possible’.

Linda and Coach Rick


  • Finish time: OO:26:51
  • Place: 1st in Age

Thanks Coach Rick for all you do.

Thanks everyone for reading.

Cheerios, ~Linda

  • Brian Burke
    Posted at 20:45h, 26 June Reply

    Well Done!! Great read.

    • Linda Jones
      Posted at 21:57h, 27 June Reply

      Thanks Brian. Always appreciate your positive comments.

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