Linda’s Pinery Classic 10K Race Report

19 Oct Linda’s Pinery Classic 10K Race Report

Saturday morning (the day before the race) I was heading out the door for my ‘flush-it-out’ run. Seeing how I was dressed drew a look of surprise from my husband. ‘Don’t you always rehearse how you are going to dress for the race?’ Well, of course I do, yet I had allowed the the cold temps of the day to convince me that it wasn’t all that important. Yes, it is! Immediately redressed putting on singlet and shorts with warmup stuff on top. Headed out and no surprise, within minutes I was having to  peel off some of the layers. After my run, I was pleased that I had ‘rehearsed properly’. Thanks Don.

Race Day:  It wasn’t long after arriving at The Pinery (only 3 deg C. at the time kept me concerned re planned singlet and shorts for the day) that we started to see familiar faces and friends. When I headed out for my warmup, they were all doing the same thing. Chatting before the Start, we shared our race goals for the day. ‘You’ll be into it,’ Arnold said, ‘You’ve raced many times, and once you get going it’ll be just let riding that bike again’. He was right. Kathy had gone off to ‘focus’. I did the same. A good warmup, traditional visit to portapotty prerace, peeling off the layers to the shorts and singlet (temp was up to 10deg C and the sunshine warmed the air), my Tifosi shades, that last sip of water with a gel, and it was the Start Time. All I remember is hearing someone suddenly yell ‘GO’. Think it caught everyone a bit off guard.

Start/Finish in a Turtle Crossing Area? In weather words, was this a ‘turtle watch’ or a ‘turtle warning’? Alas, no turtles on Sunday.

Out-and-Back Course: The 5k and 10k took the same route through the park. Personally I like the feeling of progress with an out-and-back route. Reaching 2.5k marks a mental halfway to 5. As I got closer to the 5k turn, the faster runners were coming back, speeding to their finish. Inspiration for the rest of us! Reaching 5k always stimulates an adrenaline rush–pick up the feet, motor right back to the Finish. And Sunday that’s exactly what I did. Had my Garmin but did not bother looking. Ran by feel. Focused on the tangents of the twisty-turny course. I had trained on a 1k loop that included a 400m gradual hill climb, so even the hills felt surprisingly good.

Arnold, Kathy, Linda, Leo

Arnold had a good race–49:03 (2nd in Age). Kathy, his wife, won 1st Female Masters running 45:12. Excellent Kathy! I was thrilled with 55:56 (2nd F in Age). Leo’s recent October birthday (75th) meant Sunday was his first race in a new age category. He zipped along to finish in 56:51 (1st in Age). Bravissimo Leo.

One prerace habit I had been taught was to write 3 goals for a race–dream goal, good goal, and a goal ‘you can live with’. Quite honestly on Sunday I had forgotten what I wrote. Imagine my surprise when Monday I reread those goals. Dream goal was 56:00. Couldn’t believe my eyes! Thanks Coach Rick Mannen for your role in making that happen.

Epilogue 1: I asked Kathy who she was running with these days. ‘Like running alone’, she replied. ‘I like to zone out.’ For a minute I thought that was myself talking. Running with a group has many benefits. Nevertheless, there are the drawbacks of defaulting to the pace of others, etc. So, like Kathy, I continue to train solo. When invited I am happy to join friends for a longer, easy run, ’cause that’s fun too. Meanwhile, I run and talk to myself. Sometimes, I even listen.

Epilogue 2: Sunday was a day of sunshine and blue skies. How perfect to get my post-race recovery with a hike through the woods, walking out the legs in the beauty of colourful fall foliage. Sweet!

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