Linda’s Post-Run Uplifting Surprise

29 Jan Linda’s Post-Run Uplifting Surprise

Saturday dawned as an ordinary day. Nothing special, not even the predawn rain and drizzle that lingered after sunrise. Grey skies persisted accompanied by light ‘miserable precipitation’. Icy patches hid amid the puddles. Regular runners do not wait for ‘ideal conditions’ (not sure what those are anyway). If it’s raining, put on a cap; if it’s icy, wait until daylight; if you don’t feel like running, just head out the door and get started. That’s what I did. I found myself running lightly and easily. Felt good enough that I questioned the source of this ‘joie de vivre’ (joy of anything one might do).¬†Typically blue skies and sunshine are more likely to generate such an improved mood. Soon enough the 10K was finished. Back home, a little stretch (making a point of this), protein shake, and coffee. A regular Saturday morning run done–ordinary from beginning to end.

…and then Ping! Incoming text on my phone. Picked it up and there it was–a text from a friend. ‘Good morning Linda! Never underestimate who you inspire! I was going to go run indoors this morning due to the rain…but then I saw you running this morning and decided I can run in the rain too! Thanks.’

Never underestimate who you inspire. I had done nothing extraordinary. Yet, someone else found inspiration in my actions. I read those words over and over. I will continue to read those words over and over. How wonderful to receive this post-run uplifting surprise; how uplifting to have someone take the time to share this thought with me.

And so I say to you, remind yourself that there are others who look to you. Never underestimate who you inspire. And if someone inspires you, will you tell them? I hope so.

Cheerios and thanks for reading, ~Linda


  • Brian Burke
    Posted at 21:08h, 29 January Reply

    A great read.

    • Linda Jones
      Posted at 00:54h, 30 January Reply

      Thank you Brian. Once again your positive response is appreciated indeed.

  • Agnes Muleme
    Posted at 21:09h, 29 January Reply

    I mentioned previously, you are an inspiring lady, Linda: at Aqua Fit, through your Blog, as evidenced in that text you received. Now as January 2020 comes to an end, that beautiful patch of green preceding your most recent Blog. It inspires hope and faith in nature and humanity. Just beautiful. Thank you.

    • Linda Jones
      Posted at 00:53h, 30 January Reply

      You are most welcome Agnes. It is a pleasure to enjoy your company during this time of our journey together.

  • Donna Lashley
    Posted at 22:59h, 29 January Reply

    Thanks for sharing that story Linda. You definitely inspire us all in your Tuesday and Thursday morning aquafit classes!

    • Linda Jones
      Posted at 00:50h, 30 January Reply

      How kind of you Donna! It’s a wonderful feeling in those classes with myself on deck sending energy out and everyone in the pool sending it back…and together we make it happen.

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