Linda’s Race Report: Jerry’s Peachbud 5K

03 Jul Linda’s Race Report: Jerry’s Peachbud 5K

‘It was a beautiful night for running in Grimsby on Tuesday night, June 26, as everyone hit the streets for The Jewel of the Subaru Running Series–Jerry’s Peachbud 10k/5k/1kThe 1k run was the first to take place. The future of running is in good hands with a great turnout of 244 kids in the 1k.  Great job by all!’ (from the Post Race Recap of Jerry’s Peachbud)
Mid-afternoon Tuesday I packed the Subaru Forester (wasn’t I being thematic) and headed down the highway to Grimsby–the heart of Ontario peach country. My early arrival allowed me lots of time to look around. Handy washrooms located in the Peach Centre, plus the luxury of a Women’s Locker room for changing into my race attire.
I can do an excellent job of creating prerace jitters all on my own. Add in a new factor for this one–total unfamiliarity. Unfamiliar with the venue, the race course, the people, really just about everything. Other than my coach who would be there later, I knew no one. Quite unusual for me.
My strategy of arriving early worked well. There was time to check out the Start line and the Finish, which by the way were not in the same place. As race time approached, the place started to fill up. No surprise that I wasn’t alone doing my prescribed pre-5k-race warmup: 3k easy run, dynamic exercises, and strides. You see, a 5k is so short you dare not wait until the race to get the body in gear. Get primed physically and mentally. It’s ‘go from the ‘get-go’ in this one.
Shortly before 6:15 a loud, friendly voice (through a megaphone) could be heard welcoming everyone. How perfect! The kids were being invited to queue up for their 1k Start; the rest of us were being assured how things would go after that.

1st in Age Prize Medal and Water bottle Finisher’s Medal and Race Tee

6:15pm: The kids 1k was inspiring. The energy, the cheering, the smiles, and the fun of it all helped to organize my butterflies.
6:50pm: Headed to my 5k Start. The course was a loop involving only right-hand turns. (No question which side of the course I wanted to be on.) Pleased to see a mix of young and old in the lineup. Chip Timing would give us an accurate result yet Gun Time was still being used for awards. Once again, no point in lining up at the back.
7:00pm: Gun. Start. I committed to run my best and to use those even-paced motoring bodies in front of me to get the deed done.
Reaching the last metres of the first k, I literally jumped with excitement hearing a voice ‘Go Linda’. It was my coach–Rick Mannen–right there on the sidewalk. I know he cheered on every one of his runners racing that night. Do you realize what a boost that is? Take it from me. It spurred me on. (Thanks Rick)
I ran by feel not focusing on my Garmin. It felt like I was running well, even feeling light. A digital clock at 2k indicated 10:11. That’s works for me.
What the heck? Nobody told me about the hills. The climbs were not huge yet enough to make the body feel the effort needed to keep pace. Missed water at the first aid station and really could have used it. At one station I grabbed a sponge to help cool down. Finally some water, in the mouth and over the head.
4k had arrived. ‘Good enough’ or ‘Go for it’?  Considering the effort I’d already expended, there really was no choice. GO FOR IT!
I was determined not to let anyone pass me in the last 800m. Almost worked, well until a young, fast runner went zooming by. (Only one, so almost.) I saw the Finish Line and the clock indicating I just might make my race goal of 26:00. Well, another almost, as it was not quite 26:00, rather 26:09. I’ll ‘go with it’. A 5k Personal Best for the season with the last k as my fastest,  won 1st in Age, and savoured the satisfaction of seeing a gradual regain of previously lost speed. Well done Linda!

Coach Rick Mannen with Linda Post Race

Things I Liked about Jerry’s Peachbud 5k Event:
  • registration and race kit pickup available on race day
  • helpful volunteers and race officials who made everyone feel welcome, and appeared to be happy doing that
  • the megaphone: perfect for communicating what, when, and where things are happening
  • family friendly event
  • Age Award Categories in 5-year increments
  • tasty postrace food
  • a most friendly group of runners

Most of all I was thrilled to see my Coach–Rick Mannen–at the race. Chatting with him postrace was a highlight. His experience and expertise prepared me to run a good race.  He introduced me to his other runners–a friendly group for sure. Respect, admiration, and smiles all around. Thanks Coach Rick.

Cheerios and thanks for reading, ~Linda

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