Linda’s Run4Kids 5K Race Recap

05 Sep Linda’s Run4Kids 5K Race Recap

Like the 2017 Run4Kids 5K, this year’s event was yet another ‘morning of family fun, sport, entertainment, and fundraising–all for a good cause’. What was different? It was incredibly hot! None of the cool temps from last year. Sunday was not only hot, it was humid: 23ºC (feeling like 33ºC) and 94% humidity. Made ‘what to wear’ an easy choice and definitely gave new meaning to the expression ‘dressing down’. 

Many racers took part in the traditional prerace warmup led by an energizer-bunny type gal. I did my own routine warmup–a few easy kilometres, dynamic drills, and 60m strides. The race started promptly at 9 a.m. although we ran the route ‘backwards’ this year. (Thank goodness someone alerted me to this beforehand. Turns out I wasn’t the only runner who almost missed that minor detail.) The 3K water station didn’t arrive a minute too soon. Quickly drank from one cup while pouring the other over my head. Didn’t make a difference, I was already sweat-wet.  Hard to remember how uncomfortable sloshing and spilling water felt during a cold-weather race last winter. Not Sunday!

For me, mental toughness was the name-of-the-game that morning. As the body heated up my mind started upping the volume of interesting? negative stuff:

  • It’s hot (I won’t expire)
  • You’ve run well this far. Take a break. (Worked too hard to get here, I’m not going to throw that away)
  • You’ve missed some of your recent speed workouts. (So what. Haven’t been sitting on a couch, just doing different stuff)
  • No one really cares how you do today. (I do!)

Squeaked over the Finish line in under 26:00 minutes–25:59. Whew, that was close.

Thanks to everyone who made Jesse’s wish come true with their donations to Make-a-Wish Southwestern Ontario. Jesse is  a 10 yr-old local boy and it was magical to watch it all unfold. A life-size monkey ran across the Finish Line and tossed Jesse a stuffed monkey that informed him he was going to Costa Rica. While there he will zip-line, visit monkeys and sloths, and check out the beautiful scenery. Special thanks to my own friends who so generously donated to the cause. You make a difference.

Jesse’s mom Amy, Jesse, Linda

What a wonderful world! What a wonderful day! What more could one say?

Thanks for reading, And as always special thanks to my running Coach Rick Manning,

Cheerios, ~Linda





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