Linda’s Sept 21 Speed Training

21 Sep Linda’s Sept 21 Speed Training

Salty, Sweaty, Sort of Satisfied That’s how I felt at the finish of my Speed Training today–Sept 21. Almost the first day of fall, and we were in a heat wave–19°C (feeling like 25°-28°C with 94% humidity). HOT!

How It Began:  Last night’s 9 p.m. supper and then late to bed left me less than eager to roll out at the crack of dawn. Doing my run before the heat of the day set in was the best plan and yet I dawdled. Finally 8:42 a.m. arrived at the park. Late start.

Warmup: Put on my tunes and eased into my 2-mile Warmup. I was delighted to see one of my park friends. Stopped to enjoy a brief chat. In the past I likely would have said a quick hello and continued on giving more importance to the workout than the opportunity to say ‘hello’ to a friend. With age comes wisdom and the words of a country song ‘You Can’t Buy Back the Moments that Matter’ says it all. Yes, I want to run & train. Yes, I want to perform well but as we all in life those moments with good friends matter.

Finished my 2 miles. Did I feel ready to run my 5x1K repeats? NO. Did my dynamic exercises. Ready? NO. Next the requisite 3x60m strides/60m walk between each. That’s when the magic happened.  I started feeling lighter on my feet, and YES, I felt ready for the challenge. (Thanks Coach Rick for programming this Warmup.)

5x1K Repeats: 1st repeat went well. Liked that. A good mental boost for tackling the rest. Focus on breathing, fast feet, and good recovery between each repeat helped get the job done. Before long it was the ‘second last’ (the end is near) and then hurray, it was the final K. After doing 4, I was determined to do my last one with equally good speed and form. Finished! Whew! Hot! Salty! Sweaty!

Cooldown: Started the Easy 2-mile Cooldown super slow doing my best to recover and bring down my heart rate. Some of the short trails in the park provided shade, shade that helped cool me.

How it Ended: Sort of Satisfied? Quick occasional glances at my Garmin and my sense of exertion led me to believe I was hitting my target pace during the repeats. Turns out it wasn’t so. Wasn’t off by much but missing by a couple of seconds, well that resulted in my initial ‘sort of satisfied’ feeling. And then, I remembered this:

Today I gave it my best. No one would ask or expect more than that.

So let’s change that to Salty, Sweaty, Sort of Satisfied.

Thanks for reading, Always appreciate & enjoy your comments. Cheerios,



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