We Manage What We Monitor: Healthy Eating Tip

04 Jan We Manage What We Monitor: Healthy Eating Tip

A healthy eating tip: we manage what we monitor.

Here’s a simple strategy to help you get started on healthy eating habits. Yes it’s simple and it’s easy. When you want to establish a new habit, in this case, a move to healthier eating, start with monitoring.

Write down what and when, you eat and drink. Record it on your cell or a scrap of paper. Do you have to? No. Will it work? Yes.

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We Manage what We Monitor

Research has proven, beyond a doubt, that our best chance of success is to keep a simple record of what we eat, when. Curious why everyone doesn’t do this? Me too. Perhaps we overcomplicate the process. More likely, we don’t believe something this simple can be so effective, well at least not for us. We typically see ourselves as unique, not like others. Nevertheless, in spite of all our different lifestyles and eating patterns, the human psyche functions quite similarly in all of us. Monitoring our eating intake will help us manage it.

Start now. Healthier eating habits can be yours. Even if your goal includes losing weight, forget the fancy diets, tracking apps, complicated calorie counts, at least for the next few weeks. A time and place for that later. For now, simply record what and when, you eat and drink. For example: 6 a.m. small dish of plain yogurt w/ half banana, coffee, etc. (Don’t forget the H20). You will be amazed at the power monitoring will create for you. Likely this is not the first time you have decided you want to improve or change something about your eating habits. Give it a go. And, what better time than now? Prove me right or prove me wrong. Remember: You will manage what you monitor. Would love to hear what you think.

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