Master Your Running Training with ‘FOCUS’

19 Feb Master Your Running Training with ‘FOCUS’


Use the strategy of FOCUS to take ownership of your training workouts and maximize the benefits.

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  1. Focus: Big Purpose To train strong you need high energy and that’s connected to a strong sense of purpose. Know your ‘big purpose’.
  2. Focus: Workout Purpose Proper training requires specific intensities for specific distances. Know your ‘workout purpose’.
  3. Focus: You, Not Others Everyone responds uniquely to the effects of training and progresses at different rates. Beware–Do Not Compare. You will get there. 
  4. Focus: Process, not Outcome Focus on the task at hand–the process–and the outcome will come.
  5. Focus: Positive The simple act of noting a positive focus at the end of a workout, speeds recovery. Be positive.
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