More Magic from Movement

14 Nov More Magic from Movement

Movement, activity, and exercise have long been linked with improved health and wellness. The benefits are innumerable and widely publicized. There’s more…more magic from movement…

Sandra realized the project was due next week. Doable but no time to waste. This one demanded a serious thinking cap and brainstorming in order to produce her best. Leaving the computer, she grabbed a piece of paper and started mapping it out. An hour later her eyes were glazed over and Sandra sat amidst a heap of crumpled papers. Disillusioned and frustrated she chastised herself and doggedly started over. The next hour was equally unproductive. With not much accomplished Sandra was feeling the stress of her ticking timeline deadline. The last thing crossing her mind was to leave the work and ‘move’ away. If only she knew that  getting up and simply going for a walk had the power to produce ‘aha’ moments.

The single best way to still ones mind is to put the body in motion. Darwin, Dickens, and Hemingway are a few individuals who aptly demonstrate this paradox. They regularly went on walks to clarify their thinking. Nikola Tesla discovered the rotating magnetic field on a walk through a city park in Budapest in 1882, one of the most important scientific discoveries of all time.’  Ryan Holiday aptly refers to this in his post– ‘The Life-Changing Magic Of  Taking of Long Walks’.

Sounds easy except it’s not. Your head says: Time is running out. I need to stick with it and get it done. Research says: Leave it. Walk away and you’ll likely solve the problem faster. When you’re stuck, can’t create the solution, walk away, literally, walk away. Head out the door and walk.  You might just find yourself ‘unstuck’ and finishing your work in much less time than even you thought possible.

Remember the paradox: The single best way to still ones mind is to put the body in motion.

Not up for a walk? Go for a run, ride your bike, just get moving. Movement is a powerful tool for stimulating creativity. Light bulbs of inspiration & fitness all bundled neatly in one package. That’s appealing is it not?

Cheerios, ~Linda

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