Run4Kids Race Report: Fun & Done

31 Aug Run4Kids Race Report: Fun & Done

Sunday August 30/2020

‘It was time to get up, Say hello to the day, In spite of the fact, It appeared rainy and grey,

A wee bite and coffee, ameliorated my mood, (Not until  after would I need anymore food.)

Every year I sign on to race and this year, the same. That’s where the ‘sameness’ ends. This year the race was categorized as ‘virtual’. Knowing that something will be different is definitely not the same as feeling the difference, shall I say, experiencing it.

Special Note: Thanks to the many friends who responded to my request for Make-a-Wish donations. Big,big thanks. In the lead up to today I was thinking ‘only virtual race’. Then a friend messaged to say ‘Good Luck’. In my books, that means racing, not just a wee jog around the park. I had better put my best foot forward.

No official start/finish line. No official start time. No official anything. The ‘real’  course tracks right by my house. At my self-designated start time–7:30a.m., I headed to the end of the drive, readied myself, pressed Start on my Garmin. The race was on…for just me that is. The pylons were pretend; the tangents observed. I was honest and ‘scout’s honour’, didn’t cut any curves.

As I passed familiar landmarks, I imagined the friendly race marshalls waving and keeping me on track. I envisioned those faster runners zipping by with ease. In the past I would have shouted a word of encouragement to others. No need today.  Missed my always-there-loyal cheering neighbours. I waved at them ‘in absentia’; they would have been right there on their porch waiting for me to pass by. (They live in the USA and have not arrived this year due to border-crossing restrictions.)

There have always been a couple of runners with whom I enjoy a bit of friendly competition. (I want them to know that I  squeaked by them just at the Finish. Sorry John. Better luck next year.)

It wasn’t difficult to recall post-race festivities. Awards, prize-giving, kids laughing wearing animal-shaped balloons on their heads while getting those little faces painted. I could almost taste the yummy snacks that local merchants always generously provided to help restore our energy. How about the year of the monkey? That year our wish recipient had requested a trip to Costa Rica to see monkeys and go ziplining. The race was finished (we thought) and then…cheering and clapping started. A life-sized monkey was running toward the Finish. Suddenly howls of laughter.  The monkey’s head had fallen off. ‘He-who-WILL-remain nameless, hastily put himself back together, and completed the task of delivering the ‘Trip to Costa Rica’ award envelope.

Real or imaginary? It was a ‘virtual’ race yet when I got to the final 800m, my feet lightened and my pace picked up.  Unbelievable. What started as imaginary ended feeling REAL!!!

Thanks to all the generous donors. Thanks to VHS race organizers. Officially reporting in:  fun & done.






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