Running and Feeling Grateful

06 Oct Running and Feeling Grateful

Designated days on a calendar can give us pause to reflect on various aspects of life. In this case, it is our Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday. Growing up on a farm I remember asking my parents why we had to work on Thanksgiving weekend. That’s the way it was for us. Yes we enjoyed a special family dinner but daily chores never took a break. Only in later life could I look back and feel grateful for all those things.

On Thursday I headed out early for my 10-miler in the park. ( I wanted to free up time for special Thanksgiving weekend festivities preparations.) Thanksgiving was definitely already in the air. Brilliant sunshine cleared the morning mist and white gloves warded off the fresh chill of the air. How could I not feel grateful? especially for…

The Paths of the Park: How fortunate I am to live near a park with smooth pathways winding along a river and meandering through trees. Off the beaten path side trails remove all signs and sense of city life. Grateful for this beauty!





The People of the Park: People running,¬†people walking, silent ones, and others talking. Over time I have come to know a few ‘park friends’, mostly by first name only—Eric, Helen, Jo, and Tom to name a few. We share recipes, offered condolences, and pass on best regards for the wellbeing of others. The German Shepherd lady always smiles. Lots of ‘good mornings’ are shared as everyone goes on their way. A friendly nod or just a wave comes from runners as they pass by easily or speedily. Grateful for this connection with others.


The Pause of the Park: Run in the park often enough and it doesn’t take long to feel surrounded by Mother Nature, forget the demands of the day, the cares of the world. See the bald eagles. Hear the woodpeckers. Watch the ducks dive in for a river landing. Walnuts dropping randomly from above brought back echoes of ‘Chicken Little, Chicken Little the sky is falling.’ Grateful for the opportunity to commune with self.

I am grateful I can run. It is easy to get caught up in training for results. Easy to say, sometimes hard to remember and yet we all now It is the process not the outcome that brings the most joy. A run in the park works wonders to realign our thoughts with gratitude.

Taking a few minutes each day to acknowledge gratefulness reminds me of my wonderful life—one filled with good health and one that I share with loving family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving, Linda

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