Spin for Fitness and Fun

03 Apr Spin for Fitness and Fun

The word spin no longer conjures up the image of a woman sitting at her spinning wheel industriously creating threads for family clothes. Picture this instead: stationary bikes organized around an energetic instructor, up-tempo music filling the room, participants eagerly doing their best to keep up, and a sense of enjoyment while it all happens. Well maybe the sense of accomplishment comes a bit later. Together they ride the rolling hills of imaginary country roads or climb virtual hills of the Pyrenees. That would be a modern day Spin Class. Translation: a taxing non-impact workout combining cardio and strength and fun.

As you know,  ‘we are all an experiment of one’. A spin class fits this perfectly. When the instructor says ‘climbing now, add 2 gears’, you do that but only to the extent that it suits your body at the time. Go hard. Go easy. Modify. No one judges.  ‘It’s your ride’.

Ever heard of Big Bike? ‘It’s a heart-pumping, cheer-thumping, crazy big, fun ride! (in support of Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada). For 20 minutes, 29 riders power one Big Bike. On event day, one of our drivers will accompany you as you pedal through your community and celebrate your accomplishments. While you pedal, you literally stop traffic to support critical heart disease and stroke research, so you’ll feel good, while doing good. But be warned: The minute you stop, you’ll want to climb right back on. It’s that much fun!’ (Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada website) There’s no registration fee and you can organize a team.

Sure you can do a spin workout on our own. At home. Or at a gym. I’ve done that. Many times that is what suits my schedule best. Cyclists passionately tell us about the thrill of riding outside. Plus, we all know that exercising out-of-doors in a natural environment has a wealth of additional benefits for the body.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to resist the appeal of a challenging Spin Class. There’s the pulse and driving rhythm of the music, the like-minded attitude of the others who are choosing to sweat it out with you, and the inspirational instructor. All in all, it provides an effective, efficient, and fun workout. Spin inside, spin outside. Spin alone or spin together. And remember spinning/cycling is wonderfully suited to high-intensity-interval sessions when you are short on time. Non-impact too.

Special thanks to our Spin Instructors at the local YMCA who put together excellent Spin Classes. They push us to do our best. Let’s just say they’re always ‘putting a new spin on it’. Check out a Spin Class near you. Might be fun.

Thanks for reading. Always enjoying hearing your thoughts,

Cheerios, ~Linda



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