Sunday 5k Recovery Run Recap

14 Apr Sunday 5k Recovery Run Recap

Beat the Clock: Sunday morning and the clock indicated it was almost time for my usual 5k Recovery Run. Had a look outside. Best way to figure out how to dress for the occasion. I also checked the Government of Canada Weather Radar site. Snow! Yes snow predicted to start at 8:20 a.m. That spurred me to action, of the immediate sort. Quickly drank 1/2 cup of coffee, took a few sips water (less than recommended), gobbled down a couple of my oatmeal breakfast bites, and headed out the door asap. Good news: Arrived back home just as the drops/icy things started to fall. Lucky Me!

‘Early Worm Gets the Bird’: Usually it is the bird getting a worm. Today running by the lake I felt like ‘the worm’ getting all the birds. Spotted the mergansers close to the south pier and wondered if there were more. As I kept moving my eyes southward I saw more and more. Guesstimate? Over 150. Lucky Me!

‘Any way the Wind Blows’: …lyrics from a well-known song. Today I experienced the ‘any way’ face first. Running north and the wind was in my face. Ran east and the wind was in my face. I faced the wind every time I turned a corner. When I headed down the straightaway on my last leg home, the wind was at my back–a welcomed change.  Lucky me! 

Lucky Duck: Signs have been posted recently advertising an upcoming Rubber Duck race. I couldn’t help but smile as I passed by those smiling happy ducks. More than that, the yellow critters reminded me how lucky I was today to narrowly miss any sort of miserable precipitation. (FYI: A friend of mine is organizing the popular Rubber Duck Race. If you’re in the neighbourhood, check it out, support a good cause, and join in the fun. Then it will be ‘Lucky You’ too.)

The ‘Home’ Stretch

The Home ‘Stretch’: Stretch; rehydrate with water; enjoy my morning coffee. Perfect way to finish a Sunday 5k Recovery Run. Lucky Me!

I enjoy sharing my running stories. As the title picture reads ‘ I don’t have to run. I get to run’. Yes, that would be Lucky Me!

Thanks for reading and as always special thanks to my Coach Rick Mannen.

Cheerios, ~Linda

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