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07 Oct Words of Wisdom

In his book 'An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth', author Chris Hadfield shares Space wisdom that applies here on Earth. Have a Plan of Action for Adapting to a New Environment Can you imagine going into outer space without a plan for how to adapt? Neither...

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10 Jul Fail to Succeed. Act to Motivate

Fail to SucceedCounterintuitive? Sounds that way. We've have heard it many times: failure is the way forward. But who among us can honestly say they like the way failure feels? Distressing, upsetting, disappointing, annoying, frustrating, maybe even close-to-rage-inducing 'I quit'. The world around us doesn't help. Our newsfeeds and...

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29 Nov The Case for Core

  Still wondering if Core Exercises Matter? Your core — which is comprised of your abdominals, pelvic floor, obliques and lower back muscles — might be the most important muscle group in your body. So which Core Workout is best? In less than half a second, my online search popped up...

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