Take A Moment: Celebrate the Occasion

12 Jun Take A Moment: Celebrate the Occasion

‘Celebrate good times, come on!’

Take a moment. Celebrate. Do something enjoyable because of a special occasion or to mark someone’s success. Take the effort to acknowledge the moment. Right now it seems like lots of people are busy with celebrations. It’s a time of final exams, graduations, recitals, club banquets, award ceremonies, end-of-year concerts, and on and on.

We might be expected to provide ‘our presence’ or a ‘present’ or both. Send a congratulatory card. Head over to the nephew’s place for a family potluck. Join colleagues for a retirement tea. Be present at a ‘Celebration of Life’ for a friend who recently died. Our participation in celebrations takes on many different forms.

Did you know that you reap oodles of personal benefit when you take time out to celebrate? Immeasurable actually. There’s a lot of research about the power of expressing daily gratitude. The positive effects of those momentary personal celebrations may have been glossed over.

Alas, what could you possibly find to celebrate every day? Well I can’t answer that for you. I’d merely like to say that circumstances in life will always be there to test your resolve, to cause you to wonder why your life can’t be easier, perhaps leave you thinking you’ve been dealt a raw deal. Maybe you have. That doesn’t mean you have absolutely nothing, zip zero nada, to celebrate.

Might not be easy to celebrate a moment everyday. Yet, if you do, this simple action will help strengthen and polish a positive outlook. Celebrate for others. Celebrate for yourself. Remember: ‘Every day of your life is a special…occasion’. That’s definitely worth celebrating.

What do you have to celebrate today? Right now I’m celebrating that you have taken the time to read my post. Thanks so much for doing that,

Cheerios, Linda

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