The Case for Core

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29 Nov The Case for Core


core | smiley | c | wondering | undecidedStill wondering if Core Exercises Matter?

Your core —

which is comprised of your abdominals, pelvic floor, obliques and lower back muscles —

might be the most important muscle group in your body.

So which Core Workout is best? In less than half a second, my online search popped up over 800 000 000 suggestions. Much too much information! Ever find yourself wasting moments trying to decide on a routine? Let’s keep is simple. Here’s how you can master your Core Moments with Linda’s Core Basics.


Do Core Exercises in a cycle. Spend a few minutes on each exercise. You can do it by repetitions or time, but for exercises that require you to hold a position, timing works best. Mix and match exercises into different routines. This will not only add variety to your routines, it will build strength in different ways.

Remember: To maximize the benefit do CORE exercises slowly and with focus. Avoid using momentum.

A BASIC CORE WORKOUT (no equipment needed, just a ‘good attitude’) Total Time:25 minutes

45sec | 30sec | 60sec | 30sec (Do each exercise for 45 seconds. Repeat the set for 30 seconds, etc.)

  1. Leg Raises Lie on back, hands along side or out to a ‘T’. Engage abs. Keep Legs as straight as possible. Raise and lower Legs keeping feet 1-2” off floor in lowered position. Do not arch back and keep neck pointed down towards chest.
  2. Front Plank on forearms. Keep spine in alignment head to toe (Option: Raise one leg off floor 5x. Then alternate legs.)
  3. Shin Walk Lie on back with legs in air. Walk fingertips up shins toward feet and back down. Engage abs.
  4. FIRE HYDRANT Start on all fours, knees below your hips, hands below your shoulders. Keep your knee bent and lift your left leg out to the side until your thigh is parallel to the floor – (you’ll look like a dog visiting a fire hydrant.) Kick your leg straight back and return to start. Repeat with the right leg.
  5. Hip Drops Right Side Engage Hips and lower Hip to floor, just barely touching.
  6. Hip Drops Left Side
  7. Crunches (Engage Abs. Eyes look to ceiling)
  8. Wipers Lie on back feet straight in air. Engage Hips to lift feet from each side back to centre.
  9. Supermans (Lie on stomach. Lift straight arms and straight legs simultaneously. Engage rhomboids and glutes. Hold momentarily off floor.)


“If more info were the answer, we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.” (Derek Sivers

FINAL NOTE:  We do not need more information. We need action. Decide now to take action to build your stronger core. You’ll be happy you did.

There are many other Core Exercises that use equipment such as stability balls, med balls, and kettle bells, etc.– all good, beneficial, and fun. Would enjoy hearing about your Core Routines and exercises. What works best for you?


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