Two Simple Weight Loss Tips That Work

22 Nov Two Simple Weight Loss Tips That Work

To Chew or Not To ChewWant to get lean, lose fat, lose weight? No restrictive diets or unsatisfying food regimes required. Charles Poliquin (rated as one of the world’s best strength coaches), gives us two simple weight loss tips that work, if we are serious about getting leaner.

Chew Your Food and Get Rid of the Screens when Eating

Chew Your Food

Is there a difference between how lean folks and not-lean bodies eat their food? According to Charles Poliquin the answer is YES. He claims non-lean folks ‘inhale’ their food, only chewing each mouthful about 15 times. And the lean types? They probably chew each mouthful about 48 times.

What difference could this possibly make? It’s all quite simple really. More chews equals slower and more mindful eating. Our brains receive the all-important full, satisfied, ‘we’ve-had-enough signal’ before we dive in for second and maybe third helpings. It might seem like all this chewing takes you forever to eat your meal.

Eating Slowly

Slow down.

Savour the taste.

Feel full.

Enjoy eating.

Poliquin even suggests a fun little experiment for you to try. Get a clicker like bouncers use at bars to keep track of the number of patrons they can allow in. Click for every chew. You might be very surprised.

screensGet Rid of the Screens when Eating

Get away from the screens–big screens, little screens and screens in-between when eating. Want someone or something to run interference with your weight loss goal? Screens will do it. Just like good football linebackers tweets, likes, and texts will run interference with your eating. Research and science proves beyond a doubt that we eat more when we eat in front of our screens. (I know what you’re thinking. This doesn’t apply to me. I’m different, not like everyone else. Hah! You’re probably also the best driver on the roads and it’s all the others who are the road hazards. Hah! again.) You have likely convinced yourself that it is relaxing to watch Game of Thrones or reruns of I Love Lucy while scarfing down a plate of comfy carbs. Helps relieve and reduce the stress of the workday. Quite frankly, the only thing this is reducing is your brain’s ability to put the brakes on how much food you are eating. Good luck losing weight if you eat glued to the Evening News or Netflix. Science is not on your side. You eat more. You will continue to eat more. Those screens do nothing more than contribute to ‘mindless eating’.

Poliquin’s strategies are low-cost and simple. Even better, they work. He does add one important proviso. Make only one change per week. Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit author would strongly agree. When taking any action to implement new habits, changing one thing at a time is the way to go. If weight loss is on your radar make a decision to act now. Follow Poliquin’s two simple tips.

Which Action Plan will you choose?

Action Plan A: Act on Poliquin’s Two Simple Weight Loss Tips: Chew your food and eat slowly. Get rid of the screens at mealtime and eat mindfully. OR

Action Plan B: Continue Your Mindless Eating Habits: Chew and eat quickly. Cozy up with your meal while binge-watching your fav screen and ultimately bingeing on your food intake.

You’ve got nothing to lose, except some weight…Just sayin’…Cheerios, Linda

Good Luck with this. Would love to hear how these tips work for you.


Charles Poliquin

The ideas and inspiration for this post come from Charles R Poliquin who is recognized as one of the World’s most accomplished strength coaches.


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