‘Weather’ or Not It’s Hot

14 Aug ‘Weather’ or Not It’s Hot

When it’s hot, it’s hot!

When it’s not, it’s not!

Don’t always be asking for ‘the other’

 Other than what you’ve got.

Yes, it’s hot. But then, a few months ago it was cold. Before that it was rainy, sunny, windy, and icy. And so on…

Adapt and Modify: The key to enjoying fitness activities out-of-doors involves adapting and modifying. Currently here in Ontario, we have been experiencing an extended period of hot, humid weather, hotter than usual and much more humid. Didn’t mind it for a few days but my energy and enthusiasm for following my running training schedule has started to wane. The thought of speedwork has almost been enough to make me hesitant about even going out for a run. Modify? Yes. I enjoy training to improve my running skills but for now I have given myself permission to run for ‘fun and fitness’. That means routes in the shade, carrying that annoying water belt or running loops near home for rehydration, going slower. Most of all–listening to the body–how it feels, especially making sure I’m not overheating.

How do you deal with adverse weather conditions? Accept and embrace or constantly wish for different conditions. As mom always chided us ‘Be careful what you wish for’. Can you imagine if the weather were always the same, no runs in the rain, through the freshly fallen snow, or feeling the wind blowing you off your feet? Those are likely the ones you remember best.

Do you really want all of your days exactly the same?  Be careful what you wish for. Best to make the most of what you have.

Cheerios and thanks for reading, ~Linda

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