What’s in a Bowl?

09 Jan What’s in a Bowl?

smoothie-in-a-bowlFood for the body. Food for the mind. Perfect combo.

The usual food: a nutritious smoothie made with frozen berries, whey protein powder, flax mill, tiny scoop of glutamine, and unsweetened almond milk, all blenderized just a bit to preserve a chunky, chewy texture. Excellent recovery food recipe.  Mmmmm…practical and delicious

The unusual presentation: today my smoothie made its way into this ‘pretty’ handcrafted pottery bowl. Earthy in  feel and relaxing in its blue colour, this sturdy little handleless container had been recently given to me by a friend. Excellent to see and even better to hold. Mmmmm…pretty remarkable

Did I enjoy my smoothie more than usual? Yes

Did I have a quiet chuckle re my silliness? Yes

Did I feel moments of gratitude for the good friend who gave me the bowl? Yes

Changing an ingrained habit with willpower can be difficult. Make it easier.

Plate your food and let your eyes help. Why? Why not? It makes a difference.

What strategies do you use to increase the ‘curb appeal’ of your food? Would love to hear from you.

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